A subnet, short for subnetwork, is a portion of a larger network that is divided into smaller, more manageable network segments.
Subnets are created by using a subnet mask, which is a 32-bit value that is used to identify the network portion and host portion of an IP address. The subnet mask is applied to an IP address to determine which bits represent the network portion and which bits represent the host portion.
By creating subnets, network administrators can better manage network traffic, improve network security, and allocate IP addresses more efficiently. Subnets can be used to isolate specific parts of a network, create logical groupings of devices, or to control access to network resources.
Subnets can be connected to each other through routers, which allow devices on one subnet to communicate with devices on another subnet. This enables larger networks to be divided into smaller, more manageable segments that can be more easily maintained and secured.
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