PartnerX is a self-service cloud management platform for Zenlayer's partners. As a Zenlayer partner, you can view all customers, LOAs, orders, logs, total sales and commission income on this platform, and you can use the exclusive link to invite new customers to your team.

You need to create an account on zenConsole first. After Zenlayer SOP completes the background configurations, you can sign in to PartnerX Platform via this account.


  • If you have any questions about Zenlayer Partner business, please contact Zenlayer SOP.

  • If you have any questions about Zenlayer PartnerX Platform, please contact Zenlayer Console product manager.

1. Menu Bar

In the menu bar, as a partner of Zenlayer, you can view the following:

  • View your account name

  • Manage business related to your customers, such as customer balance, password, LOA, and discounts. See Customers for more details.

  • View billing informations. See Billings for more details.

  • Check audit logs. See Logs for more details.

2. Summary

  • Total sales amount: Your total sales amount in USD for now

  • Total customer number: Your total customers for now

  • Total commission: Your total commission in USD for now

3. Billing Overview

You can view the current month's total sales and total commission income, as well as an overview of the sales tree diagram of each product in the past 6 months or the past year.

4. Customer Rank

You can view the ranking of customer sales amount during the selected time period. Click View All to view all customer details.

5. Invite New Customer

You can copy your exclusive invitation link and send it to the target customers. After a customer submits an order after registration via your link, the customer will enjoy the corresponding discount and you will get the rebate.

6. Incentives

You can view the products you distribute, the corresponding discounts that your customers can enjoy, and the corresponding rebates that you can get.

7. Logout

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