Pay-as-you-go is a billing method that allows you use your resources first and pay afterward. The billing increment is usually by the day or by the hour. If you do not have enough balance for the system to deduct at the end of each billing increment, your resources will enter the suspension state. Make sure to promptly refill your balance to avoid service suspension or releasing.


It's recommended to choose the highly flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model when:

  • you have random and inconsistent resource requirements and cannot be predicted.

  • you need to use resources in the short term.

Temporary Hold

  • In pay-as-you-go billing method, a one-billing-increment amount will be temporarily "frozen" in your order to verify that your account is valid and has enough balance. This is required to guarantee your transaction. This one-billing-increment amount is called Temporary Hold.

  • If your account balance is insufficient to pay for the Temporary Hold, you will not be able to complete your resource activation.

  • When your resources are released without any overdue payments, your Temporary Hold will be unfrozen and returned to the account balance. If there is any remaining account payables, your Temporary Hold will be used to offset.


You can go to Billing Center to refill your balance.

Billing Increment

A billing increment refers to the units of time used to calculate and bill for services provided by a business. The billing increment of Zenlayer pay-as-you-go resources is usually by day or by hour.

Pay-as-you-go resources are usually settled by day or by hour. When a settlement cycle ends and fees are deducted, a bill will be generated. If your account balance is not enough for deduction, your resources will enter the suspension state.

Overdue Payment

When your account has overdue payments, all your pay-as-you-go resources are suspended. Overdue payments may cause resource stopping and even being released. You're recommend to ensure your account balance sufficient to pay for resources.

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