Subscription Stages

Subscription Stages


The actual stages varies in different resources. Please refer to the specific resources for details.


Resource creation

You have several options for your resource creation on zenConsole, such as resource specifications, network, subscription terms and other add-ons. You also need to pay for all of these resources and services before they are created.

Resource in-use

  • You can unsubscribe your subscription resources at any time, but you cannot delete them. This does not affect the use of existing subscription resources.

  • If your current network configuration cannot meet your demands, you can upgrade or downgrade configurations. See Upgrades and Downgrades for more details.

  • If your current subscription term cannot meet your demands, you can change the subscription term. See Subscription Term Change for more details.

Resource expiration

Generally, you don't need to manually renew your subscription resources, because they will be auto-renewed as long as you have sufficient balance.

Your subscription resources will expire when:

  • you unsubscribe your resources, and them will expire when the current subscription term ends.

  • you don't have sufficient account balance to get resources auto-renewed.

When your resources are about to expire, if you have insufficient balance, the system will send reminder emails to the members with Administrator or Finance Access on the 7th day, 48 hours and 24 hours before expiration.

Resource suspension

  • During the suspension stage, your resources stop and are unavailable.

  • All data will be maintained for 24 hours before being permanently released.

  • The system will send reminder emails to the members with Administrator or Finance Access that your resources are about to be released until you refill your balance. If you still need your resources, please refill your balance first and then restore them.

Resource recycle

During the recycle stage, your resources are permanently released and all data is destroyed. You cannot restore your released resources any more.

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