Grant Permission

When you are granted specific permissions, you will gain access to their relevant resources and policies.


  1. Select the members you want to grant permissions to.

  2. Assign the resource groups you want the member to be able to access.

  3. Assign the policies you want the member to be able to access. See View Policies for details.

  4. Click on Grant.

  5. (Optional) In the permission list, you can do the following:

    • Click a resource name to view resource group details.

    • Click an authorized member to view member details, including permissions and access key information.

    • Click on a policy name to view the policy's details.

    • Click Remove to delete the permission.


  • Permission removal will not delete existing members and resources.

  • The policies, including AdministratorAccess, FinanceFullAccess, OperatorAccess, and ReadOnlyAccess are only available for All Resources.

  • Only members with one of the following permissions can create a new service.

    • AdministratorAccess

    • FinanceFullAccess + FullAccess of a specific service (such as BMCInstanceFullAccess)

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