Create a Bandwidth Cluster

When you create a bandwidth cluster in a specified region, all computing resources created in the city covered by this region with specified pricing model, will be added in to this bandwidth cluster automatically.


Creating a bandwidth cluster is available for VIP customers currently.

Please contact us if you need.


  • Currently only bare metal instances and virtual machine instances can be added in to the bandwidth cluster.

  • The instance pricing model should be Pay-as-you-go; the public network pricing model should be Regional Aggregated Burstable 95th.


  1. Go to Products > Bandwidth Cluster, and click Create Bandwidth Cluster.

  2. Select the region where you want your computing resources share one bandwidth commitment and be aggregated to calculate the 95th peak bandwidth.


    • Hover on the region to view the cities it covers. See Supported Regions for more details about regions you can select.

    • Only ONE bandwidth cluster can exist in one region.

  3. Configure the bandwidth. You can select the available bandwidth commitment or enter the value you want. You will see the corresponding price and burst capability. See Regional Aggregated Burstable 95th for more details about bandwidth cluster pricing.

  4. Check the Summary and click Confirm Order and you can view your new bandwidth cluster in the list.

  5. (Optional) You can also perform the following actions:

    • Click the bandwidth cluster name to view bandwidth usage details.

    • Go to Actions > Change Commitment to upgrade or downgrade the bandwidth commitment.

    • Go to Actions > Order and Bill to view order or bill details.


Any upgrade or downgrade change of commitment will take effect on the 1st of next month.

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