IDC to Cloud

If you need connections between your data centers and public clouds, you can create a Layer 2 or Layer 3 network connection. See below for the main steps.


  1. Create a network connection on zenConsole and select the closest ports to your data center and public cloud. As of now, zenConsole only supports AWS cloud. We will soon expand compatibility to other public clouds. For a Layer 2 network connection, select Private Connect > Cloud Connect. You will need to define the bandwidth cap of your connection. For a Layer 3 network connection, select Cloud Router. You will need to define the access bandwidth cap of each access point.

  2. Establish a cross connect. Upon receiving your LOA (letter of authorization), take it to your data center operator to establish a cross connect.

  3. Manage your cloud connect. Accept and manage the connection on your AWS Console.

What to Do Next

See Cloud Connection for more specific details.

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