zenConsole is Zenlayer's self-service cloud management platform. You can easily create and manage Zenlayer edge cloud services like bare metal instances, virtual machine instances, global accelerators, and cloud networking on zenConsole.

1. Menu Bar


  • Resource Overview See all your current resources. You can click on a resource to view its details.

  • Zenlayer Global Fabric Zenlayer's global fabric overview.

  • Looking Glass Zenlayer Looking Glass page provides public and private network information as well as global acceleration experience.

  • Get Started Dashboard shortcuts to create compute and cloud networking resources.


All Zenlayer products are listed here. Shortcuts to account services, such as billing center, notification center and resource management, can also be found here.


The application scenarios are listed here to help you better find the solutions of your actual business.

All Resources

Resource groups help you to manage your resources and let you allocate different resources to different team members. You can switch your resource groups and manage your resource groups here. See Create a Resource Group for more details.

Search for the resources you want. Fuzzy search is supported.

3. Quick Start

Shortcut to create various resources.

4. Help Documentation

User guides and API documents to help you better use Zenlayer products.

5. Billing Center

View the billing center, including the orders, subscriptions, balance, vouchers, and so on. See Billing Center for more details.

6. Language Switch

Choose the language of zenConsole. English and Chinese are supported for now.

7. Notification Center

View the notification center, including notifications about products, account, billing and so on. See Notification Center for more details.

8. Support Contact

Contact Zenlayer support. You can submit any requests or authorize Zenlayer support to access your account. See Support Contact for more details.

9. Account Management

Manage your personal account. You can edit your profile, toggle between zenConsole themes, or sign out of your account.

See Account Management for more details.

Manage your team. You access the cloud services as a team member and are invited to different teams. You're the default administrator of the team you create. Different team members can be given different permissions. The team's administrator can manage the members and resources. You can be invited to different teams.

See Team Management for more details.

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