After successfully creating accelerator and setting up DNS record (see Quick Start), if end users fail to access your website/application, you can follow the next steps to locate the issue:

Step 1: Verify the origin server by direct access

  • Access the website/application directly by the origin domain name or IP address through browser to check if the origin server can be accessed normally

  • If the access fails in the last step, then telnet the origin IP/domain name & port to check if the port is accessible.

Troubleshoot the origin server if the direct access and telnet fail. If the direct access to the origin succeeds, then proceed to the Step 2.

Step 2: Verify the connect between user and ZGA PoP

  • Ping the CNAME to check if the request can be forwarded to the IP of ZGA PoP and the latency

*Please conduct the action in the same acceleration region where the issue occurs *You can find the IP of ZGA PoP (i.e. VIP) at the accelerator's detail page on Console

  • If the ping fails, traceroute the domain name (accessed by end user) to locate the exact hop where the issue is

Feedback your testing result in a ticket to Zenlayer Support and we will handle it as soon as possible.

How to raise a support ticket on Console?

Click Ask Us at the bottom right on Console --> Issue Reporting: complete the information and submit the request.

For more self-troubleshooting tips, please go to


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