Create an Image

If you want to create instances with the same configuration with an existing instance, you can create an image from this existing instance.


  • Please note that you must first power off your VM instance before creating an image.

  • You have created up to 5 images in each zone.

  • You can only create an instance with a custom image in the same location. If you need to use images in other locations to create instances, please contact Zenlayer support.


  1. Log in to zenConsole.

  2. Go to Compute > Virtual Machine > Image and click Create Image.

  3. Select a virtual machine instance you want to create an image from. All virtual machine instances are shown here in the list, but only powered-off instances can be selected. If you still want to select those instances, please go to instance list to power them off first.

  4. Label your image and add notes if you need.

  5. Click Confirm.

Optional Procedures

Create an Instance

In the image list page, click Create Instance to jump to the virtual machine creation page.

Delete an Image

In the image list page, click Delete to delete the image no longer used. After the image is deleted, instances that use the image can still be used and continue to incur charges.

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