Global BGP

Global BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) refers to the interconnection of various autonomous systems (AS) across the globe using BGP to exchange routing information and ensure data packets are routed efficiently between networks. This involves the exchange of routing tables, route preferences, and other pertinent information among internet service providers (ISPs), network operators, and other entities managing network infrastructure worldwide.


ASN stands for Autonomous System Number. It's a unique identifier assigned to an autonomous system (AS) on the internet. An AS is a collection of IP networks and routers under the control of one entity (such as an internet service provider or a large organization) that presents a common, clearly defined routing policy to the internet.

ASNs are crucial for the functioning of our global BGP. ASNs are publicly registered and managed by Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) or National Internet Registries (NIRs) and are distributed globally.

BGP Session

A BGP session, also known as a BGP peering or BGP neighbor relationship, is a logical connection established between two BGP routers in different autonomous systems for the purpose of exchanging routing information.

When two BGP routers establish a session, they exchange routing information, such as network prefixes and their corresponding paths, through a TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) connection. This information allows the routers to build a routing table and make decisions on how to forward traffic to reach specific destinations.


BYOIP stands for Bring Your Own IP. It's a practice where organizations bring their own publicly routable IP addresses to cloud service providers (CSPs) or data centers for use with their services or applications.

Traditionally, when you migrate your infrastructure or services to our cloud, you receive IP addresses assigned by us. However, you may already own a range of IP addresses, either acquired from a regional internet registry (RIR) or through other means. BYOIP allows you to retain control over your IP addresses while leveraging the infrastructure and services provided by us.

BYOIP enables smoother migration of services to the cloud without disrupting existing network configurations or affecting IP reputation.

Enable BGP Interconnect

Follow the steps below to establish your own BGP interconnect:

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