Audit Logs

Audit logs record and track system activities, events, and configuration changes to ensure security and compliance.

In the Menu Bar, Go to Products > Account Services > Audit Logs to view all events.

Click View Event to check the event details. You can also copy the code to execute the operation.

Field Explanation

  • resUid: contains the resource ID of the operation.

  • resType: contains the resource type of the operation.

  • resEvent: contains the executed operation type.

  • opsTime: contains the execution time.

  • eventSource: contains the source of the executed operation. The value is CONSOLE_CALL or API_CALL.

  • apiVersion: contains the API version to execute the operation.

  • opsUser: contains the user executed the operation.

  • clientIP: contains the IP of the user executed the operation.

  • request: contains the input parameters.

  • response: contains the output parameters.

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