Create a Layer 3 Connection

The following steps are applicable to connections with several access points of IDCs, public clouds, VPCs or virtual edge based on Layer 3 SDN backbone network.

If you need a Layer 3 network connection - the cloud router, you can follow the steps as shown below.


  • You have signed up an account with your email and sign in to zenConsole.

  • If you need to connect to your cloud services, your public cloud provider should be one of the following: Amazon Web Service, Tencent Cloud, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. More public cloud providers will be supported soon.

  • For VPC connection, instances in subnets with the same IP range can not communicate with each other. Please plan the IP ranges of your subnets reasonably in advance in case of abnormal connection.


On the upper left corner of zenConsole, go to Products > Cloud Networking > Cloud Router L3 > Create Cloud Router. The overall steps of creating a cloud router is shown below. For detailed operations, please refer to the links of specific chapters.

1. Label Your Cloud Router

2. Add Access Points

You need to add at least 2 and at most 10 access points and configure routing and network information to get started. You will be able to make updates in the future. You may have the following options to add:


You can add only one Alibaba Cloud access point into your Layer 3 cloud router temporarily.

3. Configure Routing

If you add access points like data centers, public clouds or virtual edges, you need to configure routing protocols to achieve network communication. If you add a VPC, go to configure access bandwidth directly.

You may have the following options, and if your device supports Border Gateway Protocol (BGP), we recommend using BGP to take care of network segment changes.


For virtual edge connection, you need to configure IPsec tunnel before configuring routing. See IPsec Tunnel Configuration for more details.

4. Configure Access Bandwidth

Configure the access bandwidth of each access point in your cloud router.

What to Do Next

More operations offline or on the public cloud console.

For the Public Cloud Point

Validate your cloud connect on the corresponding console of your public cloud provider.

For the Data Center Point

Contact Zenlayer Support or your data center operator to establish a cross connect offline.


After your cross connect is established offline and your cloud connect is validated on the public cloud console, the states of corresponding points will change into Active and you will receive a notification email.

Once the states of all access points are Active, your cloud router state will become Active.


  • Billing for cloud router will not start until all access points are active, and your connection is active.

  • Billing for your port will start:

    • when the port is active.

    • 15 days after you submit the order – whether or not your cloud router has been established.

  • Billing for your cloud connect will start: Once you have validated your cloud connect on the public cloud console.

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