Upgrade to VPC

If you want to deploy a Layer 3 private network, you can migrate your isolated subnet into a VPC.


  • You create subnets in zones, and VPCs in availability regions. An availability region consists of several zones, for example, the availability region LAX-C_D_E consists of LAX-C, LAX-D and LAX-E.

  • VPC quota in each availability region: - 1 default VPC with the IP range of - 2 custom VPCs

  • Subnet quota in each zone: - 1 default subnet with a subset of its VPC IP range, that is 10.0.X.0/24 - 5 custom subnets

  • You can change the IP range of the subnet: - The subnet is a custom subnet; - No instances under the custom subnet; - The custom subnet is available.


  • The network mask cannot be modified.

  • The zone of the subnet migrated to a VPC should be a subset of the VPC availability region.

  • The IP range of the subnet migrated to a VPC should be a subset of the VPC IP range.

  • IP ranges of subnets under the same VPC cannot be overlapped.

  • Once you delete the VPC, subnets without instances under this VPC, and associated IP addresses will also be deleted.

  • Once a subnet is migrated into a VPC, you cannot migrate it into another VPC. Please plan you private networking in advance.


  1. Go to Virtual Private Cloud > Subnet, find the isolated subnet you want to upgrade.

  2. Click Upgrade to VPC.

    • If an appropriate VPC exists, you can select it directly;

    • If no appropriate VPC exists, you can click New VPC. See Create a VPC for more details.

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