Zenlayer Global Accelerator (ZGA) is a network acceleration service built on Zenlayer's massive global private infrastructure. It improves application performance by enabling access to the origin server through a high-speed connection from the nearest node, greatly reducing jitters, latency and packet loss.

ZGA provides stable and secure connectivity to global applications, improves user experience, and reduce operational costs. ZGA makes it easier for network operators, DevOps & IT pros, by automating connectivity to global resources.

Architecture Overview

Most global organizations are relying on the public internet for cross-border content sharing and application delivery. However, the public internet is usually slow, insecure, and unreliable. ZGA serves as a fast lane for global connectivity, as an alternative to the public internet.

ZGA provides intelligent end-to-end acceleration, across the first, middle, and last mile for a comprehensive level of support.

First Mile

ZGA provides cloud direct connections to the public cloud.

Middle Mile

ZGA uses the Zenlayer software defined networking (SDN) backbone and protocol optimization for lightning-fast acceleration between PoP sites.

Last Mile

ZGA detects the user’s access area using smart DNS and provides access to the nearest local ZGA PoP.

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