Advertise BYOIP

You can advertise your own publicly routable IP addresses (BYOIPs) to a peering ASN, making BYOIPs reachable and accessible within the network infrastructure.


To successfully advertising your BYOIPs, you need to have:

  1. A valid advertising prefix - Your AS is authorized to originate routes, which can be queried in mainstream IRR databases, such as: - Your routes are RPKI authenticated;

  2. A BGP session for advertising BYOIPs Ensure the IP version of the BGP session matches the version of the IP prefix to be advertised.


  1. On the upper left corner of zenConsole, go to Products > Global BGP > BYOIP > Advertise BYOIP.

  2. Select the BGP session that you want to advertise BYOIP.

  3. Enter the IP prefix.

  4. More settings - Select a resource group for your BYOIP - Add a note for your BYOIP

  5. Click Advertise Now.


  • Ensure the IP version of BGP session and the IP prefix to be advertised are the same.

  • The network mask should be no larger than 64.

  • Only the authorized AS can advertise the IP prefix. Confirm your IP ownership and validate:

    • RADB authorized;

    • RPKI authenticated.


After your BYOIP is advertised, you will find it in your BYOIP list.

You can delete the advertised BYOIP and advertise it again if you need.

What to Do Next

After advertising your BYOIP, you can Test Advertised IP Reachable or Not.

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