CIDR Block

What is a CIDR block?

CIDR blocks are groups of public IP addresses that share the same prefix and contain the same number of bits. Bare metal instances in the same CIDR block can communicate with each other. You can add CIDR blocks to a VLAN to better manage your resources.


If you have no CIDR block in the selected zone, then the newly created CIDR block will be added into a system-generated VLAN automatically. You can easily manage the CIDR IPs.

Types of CIDR Blocks

Both IPv4 CIDR blocks and IPv6 CIDR blocks are supported.

  • An IPv4 CIDR block contains public IPv4 addresses. 64 available IPs are supported in one zone by default.

  • An IPv6 CIDR block contains contains public IPv6 addresses. An IPv6 CIDR block contains 500 available IPs and you can create at most 5 IPv6 CIDR blocks in one zone by default.


You are billed by the quantity of available IPs in the IPv4 CIDR block and IPv6 CIDR blocks are free for use.

If your required quantity exceeds our existing limit, please contact Zenlayer Support.

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