IP Address

You can assign private and public IP addresses to Elastic Compute instances. Instances use these addresses to communicate with other resources and Internet.

Private IPv4 Address

An Elastic Compute instance has one virtual network interface (vNIC) and this vNIC must have one primary private IPv4 address. You can assign up to 10 private IPv4 addresses to one vNIC.

Elastic IPv4 Address

Elastic IPv4 address including the following IP network types, and a private IPv4 address can bind one 3-in-1 IP Pool or up to 4 single-line elastic IPv4 addresses, including BGP IPs, CN2 IPs or both.


BGP IP is a type of elastic IP address implemented through the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). It enables users to auto manage their network routes with high flexibility and reliability. BGP IP is suitable for network application scenarios requiring scalability and high availability.


CN2 IP refers to IP based on the China Telecom network. It provides stable connections through China Telecom's high-quality network infrastructure, making it suitable for users who need to operate in the China region.

3-in-1 IP Pool

3-in-1 IP Pool refers to a pool of IP addresses that are connected to the networks of China Telecom, China Unicom, and China Mobile. 3-in-1 IP Pool aims to provide better network coverage and fault tolerance, and is suitable for scenarios requiring high network stability and coverage range.

IPv6 Address

If the Elastic Compute instance is connected to a subnet that supports IPv6, its vNIC can also have private IPv6 address or public IPv6 address assigned.

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