Select a Data Center as Access Point

The following configurations are applicable to data center connection. You can select an existing port created before, or to create a new port.

Existing Port

If you have an established cross connect to Zenlayer Cloud Networking offline before, you can select your existing port. If you don't, see the following steps to create a new one.

New Port

If you do not have an existing port or it is not your desired one, you will need to create a new port.

Click Create New Port to create a new port.

  1. Select the port location closest to your data center.

  2. Label your port for identification.

  3. Enter the legal business name of the authorized party. You will receive an LOA (letter of authorization) that is used to establish your cross connect.

    • The LOA will be emailed to you as an attachment 2 to 3 days after you submit your new port order. You can also download your LOA in the Data Center Port on zenConsole.

    • The LOA will expire in 30 days. Please establish your cross connect as soon as possible.


Data will be transmitted in the corresponding VLAN. The system will assign a VLAN ID by default, but you can also choose your own between 2 to 3499.

What to Do Next

Contact Zenlayer Support or your data center operator to establish a cross connect offline.


  • You can also go to Cloud Networking > Data Center Port > Create Data Center Port to create a new port. This new port can be used to create a private connect or a cloud router in the future.

  • The lowest port speed determines the transmission rate of your private connection.

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