Upload a Certificate

After you purchase a certificate from a third-party certificate service provider, you can upload it to zenConsole.


Before you upload a certificate, prepare a certificate file in the PEM or CRT format and a private key file in the KEY or PEM format.


  1. Go to zenConsole and log in with your account.

  2. On the upper left corner of zenConsole, go to Products > Global Accelerator > SSL Certificates > Upload SSL Certificate.

  3. Upload the certificate file or paste your certificate file content into the text box.

  4. Upload the private key file or paste your certificate key into the text box.

  5. Label your certificate and assign a resource group.


After you upload the certificate, view the certificate in the certificate list. If you do not want to use this certificate again, go to Actions > Delete to delete the certificate.


Certificates with related resources cannot be deleted.

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