Back-to-origin Settings

Set the upstream protocol, enable WebSocket, and set origin host header.

  • Upstream Protocol

    • Set Upstream protocol to HTTP: Requests are redirected to the origin server over HTTP with the port you defined.

    • Set Upstream protocol to HTTPS: Requests are redirected to the origin server over HTTPS with the port you defined.

  • WebSocket A TCP-based protocol that is useful when you need long-lived bidirectional connections between clients and servers. A persistent connection is often a requirement with real-time applications. The scenarios in which you might use WebSocket include social chat platforms, online collaboration workspaces, multi-player gaming, and services that provide real-time data feeds like financial trading platforms. Data over a WebSocket connection can flow in both directions for full-duplex communication.

  • Back to Origin Host Different back-to-origin HOST header can be configured to access one of targeted origins for the same accelerated domain name.

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