Create a Global VPC

Global Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) allows you to create isolated networks, manage IP addressing, and establish secure connections between instances across multiple regions globally. After you first deploy the elastic compute service, a default global VPC exists.


  • Default global VPC cannot be deleted.

  • If the global VPC contains subnets, delete associated subnets before deleting this VPC.


  1. Go to Global VPC > Create Global VPC.

  2. Configure the private IPv4 range. The resources in the VPC will be assigned private IP addresses within the specified IP range for secure communication.

  3. Select MTU value of VPC and the value cannot be changed once selected.

  4. Configure private IPv6 access state and once created, the state cannot be modified. You can enable or disable the private IPv6 access in the VPC to determine whether the subnet in it can access private IPv6 addresses.

  5. Label your VPC and allocate a resource group for it.

  6. Create a subnet in this VPC. See create a subnet for detailed steps.

More Actions

Go to Global VPC > Actions to do the following actions.

  • Add Subnet You can add a subnet to the existing VPC. See create a subnet for detailed steps.

  • Assign Private IPv4 Assign the private IPv4 addresses in the subnet under VPC to your desired instances.

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