In networking, a gateway is a device or software component that connects two or more networks with different communication protocols. It acts as a bridge between the two networks, allowing them to communicate with each other.A gateway may be a physical device, such as a router or a switch, or a virtual component, such as a software program or a virtual machine. It often serves as an entry point or an exit point to a network, enabling communication between devices on the local network and devices on other networks, such as the internet or a remote private network.


Gzip (GNU zip) is a file compression and decompression tool used to reduce the size of files. It is a software application that uses a compression algorithm to compress files, which can then be decompressed to their original form. Gzip is commonly used to compress files for faster transfer over networks and to reduce the amount of disk space required to store files. The gzip format is widely supported on many platforms, and is often used for compressing files on web servers to improve website performance.

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