Detach a Disk

When you don't need additional storage of a certain instance, you can detach the disk, and then attach it to other instance if you need. Detaching a disk does not affect the data on this disk.


Boot Disk cannot be detached.


  • To prevent data loss, stop all read and write operations on all file systems of the disk.

  • Before detaching a disk, make sure it has been unmounted (Linux) or it is set to offline status (Windows). Otherwise, you may fail to reattach the disk to other instances. Linux

    Unmounting a disk in Linux using umount command:

    sudo umount /dev/disk/by-id/xxxxxx

    Windows - Press Win + X and select Disk Management. - Locate the disk you want to detach, right-click on the disk, and select Offline.


  1. Go to Detach Disk choosing one of the following ways:

    • Instance Details > Information > Storage > Detach

    • Disk > Actions > Detach

  2. Make sure the disk is unmounted (Linux) or taken offline (Windows) as described in the previous steps, and then click Detach.

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