Zenlayer Cloud Networking is a private, on-demand, and full-mesh network built on our global backbone spanning 37 countries and regions across 6 continents. Cloud Networking provides instant connectivity to global public clouds, private clouds, data centers, and your offices while reducing latency and data loss for applications and platforms.

Zenlayer Cloud Networking solution is supported by SDN (software-defined networking), a cutting-edge technology that offers 99.99% carrier-grade network service and a highly scalable and predictable network infrastructure.

Early SDN deployments were based on the OpenFlow protocol. SDN goes beyond OpenFlow, providing a comprehensive framework based on technologies like SR (segment routing), EVPN (ethernet virtual private network), and VxLAN (virtual extensible local area network) — providing superior resilience, flexibility, path selection, and network telemetry for advanced traffic engineering.

SDN also treats the network as a separate domain, reducing operational complexity and costs to improve performance.

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