Select End Users' Access Method

Select the method end users access your service from the two options shown:

  • Domain Name: If your end users access your service via a domain name, (i.e.,, please click on this button and enter the domain name in the field below.

  • IP Address: If you want to accelerate a specific IP address or set of addresses, please make your selection(s) here.

*If you are not sure whether you should select Domain Name or IP, please consult your operations personnel.

Regardless of your selection above, we will provide you with the IP and CNAME of your ZGA (Zenlayer Global Accelerator) upon successful completion of your deployment. See Manage Accelerator.

  • Domain name: Please be sure to add the CNAME to your DNS record. See Add DNS Record

  • IP Address: Directly use the IP address provided by ZGA for user access

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