Create an Accelerator

If you need to accelerate your services for your end users, you can follow the steps as shown below to create an accelerator.


You have signed up an account with your email and sign in to zenConsole.


On the upper left corner of zenConsole, go to Products > Global Accelerator > Create Accelerator. The overall steps of creating an accelerator is shown below. For detailed operations, please refer to the links of specific chapters.

1. Subscribe a Package

You will first need to select an acceleration package and a billing cycle if it is your time to create an accelerator. You may have the following options: Starter, Plus, Pro and Max, with different specifications. Choose what you need depending on your actual business situation.


  • If you are a new user of ZGA, you can try the Starter Package 7 days for free, and you can upgrade to a paid subscription package before your trial expires.

  • After clicking Choose, you need to select a billing cycle of your package.

  • You can upgrade or downgrade both of your package and billing cycle. See Upgrades and Downgrades for more details.

2. Select Access Method of Your End Users

  • Domain Name: If your end users access your service via a domain name, (i.e.,, please click on this button and enter the domain name in the field below.-- add dns record

  • IP Address: If you want to accelerate a specific IP address or set of addresses, please make your selection(s) here.

3. Provide Your Origin Information

Enter your origin address and choose a region closest to your origin.

4. Select Your Accelerator Type

  • Standard (anycast)

  • Custom Routing

5. Set Your Acceleration Rules

Determine how traffic will be routed.

  • HTTP and HTTPS

  • TCP and UDP

6. Allocate to a Resource Group

Select a resource group for the accelerator so you can allocate resource groups to your team members.

What to Do Next

  • If you selected Domain Name as the method your end users access your service in step 1., please be sure to add the CNAME provided by ZGA to your DNS record upon successful deployment of your accelerator. See Add DNS Record

  • If you selected IP Address in step 1., please look into your accelerator details to get the accelerated IP address (virtual IP address) of each acceleration region (See Manage Accelerator). Your end users can access your service directly by using the accelerated IP address.

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