BYOL for Windows

For the Elastic Compute instance with a Windows operating system, you can BYOL to activate Windows. Bring Your Own License (BYOL) is the process of bringing previously purchased, on premises licenses from Microsoft to Zenlayer Cloud. When you bring licenses, you are responsible for managing your licenses.


  • You have a Windows license covered under active Software Assurance, which is required to be eligible for License Mobility.

  • If your licenses are not covered under Software Assurance,

    • your licenses are purchased prior to Oct.1 2019 or added as a true-up under an active Enterprise Enrollment that was effective prior to Oct.1 2019. Any Microsoft software licenses purchased before this date are automatically eligible for License Mobility benefits.

    • check the specific terms of your license agreement to see if they allow for BYOL to a cloud provider. Contact Microsoft or your licensing reseller if you need.


1. Verify that your licenses are covered under Software Assurance

Software Assurance (SA) is a Microsoft licensing program that provides a range of benefits to help customers manage and maximize their software investments. Verify Software Assurance by one of the following ways:

2. Complete license verification to utilize License Mobility

License Mobility is a Microsoft Software Assurance benefit that allows you to bring specific product licenses to cloud infrastructure.

To use License Mobility through Software Assurance, you must complete a license verification process. View additional details, go to: You need to complete and submit License Mobility Verification form, and then wait for about a 10-day confirmation. View Verification Guide for more details.

3. Create your Elastic Compute instance with Windows operating system

View Create an Instance for specific details.

4. Access your instance and install your Windows operating system following the wizard

View Access an Instance for more detail.

5. Use your existing Windows license keys to activate the operating system on your instance

By leveraging Software Assurance and License Mobility, you can effectively bring your existing Windows licenses to cloud environments, ensuring compliance and optimizing your software investments.

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