Advanced Settings

Click one domain name in the domain list and click Advanced.

This contains CDN advanced settings, mainly to improve performances and user experiences.


Gzip Compression

After you enable the Gzip compression feature, Zenlayer CDN points of presence (POPs) use the Gzip compression to compress resources before the resources are returned to clients.

The Gzip compression feature reduces file sizes, accelerates file distribution, and reduces bandwidth consumption.

Client Download Speed Limit

Enable the download speed limit to limit the bandwidth of each client.

It is recommended to enable it in the large file download scenario, which can effectively reduce the overall burst bandwidth.


When the slice module is enabled, CDN server will split large request into multiple smaller requests to fetch content from the origin.

It is recommended to activate it for domains serving large files.

Request Header

This configuration will modify the request header information displayed when the CDN returns to the origin site, which can be used as a security check for the origin site.

Response Header

This configuration will modify the response header information returned by the CDN to the client for security detection of the client.

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