Create an Elastic IP

Step 1 - Sign in to zenConsole

  1. Use your email address and password to sign in to zenConsole.

  2. On the upper left corner of zenConsole, go to Products > Bare Metal > Elastic IP > Create Elastic IP.

Step 2 - Configure basic information of your elastic IP


  • The instance that your elastic IP will be assigned to should be in the same location with the elastic IP.

  • Up to 64 elastic IPs are supported. If the quantity of elastic IPs cannot meet your need, you can choose to create additional CIDR block.

  1. Select a location where you need your elastic IP

  2. Assign the elastic IP to an instance You can search the desired instance by label or ID.

  3. Select a resource group for the IP You can allocate a resource group to team members. See Resource Management for more details.

  4. Select your desired quantity

Step 3 - Check and pay your order

Review your order summary and then confirm your order.

See Bare Metal Billing to learn more about elastic IP pricing rules.

What to Do Next

  • Go to Bare Metal > Elastic IP > Actions, you can reassign, unassign or delete the selected elastic IP.

  • You can set an elastic IP as the public network egress IP to acquire continuous availability and accessibility. See How to Use an Elastic IP as a Public Network Egress IP for details.

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