Manage Instances

After creating instances, you can search, modify, power off, power on, power cycle, and unsubscribe the instance.

Instance Information

On the left menu bar, go to Compute > Virtual Machine > Virtual Machine Instance. Click the instance name or go to Action > Details to view CPU, bandwidth and configuration information of the instance. I’m

CPU and Bandwidth

  • Click Date and select starting and ending time to view the CPU and bandwidth usage.

  • Click Power Off on the upper right corner or select Action > Power off to power off the instance.

  • Click Power Cycle on the upper right corner or select Action > Power cycle to power cycle the instance.

Configuration Information

You can view basic configuration, storage, network, security group and billing information.



The basic configuration of the instance. Click Change Password or go to Action > Change password to change the login password of your instance.


Show the storage space of system disk and data disk. Click View All Storage Information to view the virtual elastic disk list.


Show instance public IPv4, private IPv4, network and subnet information. Click the name of network and subnet to view details.

Security Group

Show the security groups already deployed on the instance.

  • Click the security group name to view details.

  • Click Undeploy to undeploy the security group.

  • Click Select Existing Security Groups to deploy existing security groups on the instance.

  • Click Create Security Group to create a new security group.


Show the created time, expiration time and billing information of the instance. Click Unsubscribe or go to Action > Unsubscribe to cancel the instance subscription.

Network Information

On the instance list interface, click VPC name in the Network column to view the information of network and subnet, as well as the instances attached.

Storage Information

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