Authorize ASN

Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique identifier assigned to an autonomous system (AS) on the internet. ASNs are crucial for the functioning of our global BGP. You can submit a request for your own AS authorization to establish global BGP Interconnect.


Submit a request for your own AS authorization to establish global BGP interconnect.

  1. On the upper left corner of zenConsole, go to Products > Global BGP > ASN > Authorize ASN.

  2. Enter your ASN and company name.

  3. Refer to the email sample and send an email with your ASN and company name from your contact mailbox to

  4. Click Submit Request.

What's Next

We will contact you within 1 to 2 days. You may need to provide the following documentation:

  • Your online profiles: Screenshots of LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, or WeChat;

  • Business registration documents: Business license, legal representative's ID card;

  • ASN authorization file: Official documentation authorizing your use of the ASN.


After the request is submitted, your ASNs will show in the list. The state of authorized ASNs is Active.

More actions are supported:

  • Add BGP Session: view Establish BGP Session for detailed steps.

  • Revoke Authorization: click to revoke authorization of this ASN. After revoking the authorization, BGP sessions for this ASN will no longer be possible.

What to Do Next

After your ASN is authorized, you can establish a BGP session with this ASN.

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